Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's Your Song? Link Up!

So I've missed all these little weekly posts! My song this week has turned into my ANTHEM! The video just came out yesterday, but I've been listening to it non-stop the last few weeks. It's just perfect for my situation! I also really like Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" when I'm in this kind of mood, but this one rings truer to me!

Thursday Five!

Oh it has been so long! But I'm back, and so are my Thursday Five posts! :)


The weather this week has been outstanding! It has been so nice that I spent hours outside of Starbucks yesterday studying!

I am proud to say that I was awarded a nursing scholarship at my new school!! Just another blessing!

I am SO energized about moving back to Athens. I want to NOW!!

My Scentsy team is doing absolutely SPLENDID! It has doubled in size in the last 3 months! :)

I did a surprisingly wonderful job on my test last week! The professor told us the highest grade, and when I got my paper back, it was me! Yay! 

Go link up with the other Nicole and tell us about your week!! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Big News!

I'm back, blogging world! It almost feels weird to be blogging again, but I feel good about it. I haven't written anything in such a long time! I'll start off with the best news I have gotten in YEARS...


Most everyone who has known me or read my previous blog knows my struggle with this. This was my 6th attempt, and finally, it was a successful one! This school was my first that had an interview, so I think that helped me out. And maybe the suit I dropped $160 bucks on the day before (ouch!). TOTALLY worth it.  I got to tell them why I wanted to be a nurse, about my volunteer experience and experience with my mom being sick for so many years and show my personality. The rest of the schools I had applied to only looked at 3 things: GPA, SAT (you know, that test you take when you're freaking 16 years old?! Yeah, apparently it still matters when you're 22 and have been in college for 5 years...ahem) and a pre-nursing test called the TEAS. My GPA is above a 3.0, SAT is good and TEAS was good, but nursing school is HIGHLY competitive. But, no more worries because I FINALLY got in!!! I got chills, screamed, squealed, cried, all the good stuff. I actually wasn't expecting the letter when it came, which made it even more surprising! I thought surely an early letter meant an early rejection. You know, weed out the definite no's before sending the acceptances. WRONG!! I am beyond excited about this! I can't wait to start the program in the Fall! I have to take 3 non-nursing classes over the Summer, but I really don't mind!! This all really couldn't have happened at a better time. With my four year relationship/marriage ending, manyyyy failed attempts during it, and right after, the acceptance... It really weirds me out to an extent, but I know that God has a plan for me, and sometimes, I'm just not meant to understand it! It definitely gives me something to look forward to, AND I get to move back home!! I don't really like the city I live in now, never really have, and I'm so excited to be moving back. I had previously applied all OVER the state, and even looked out of state, and to get into the school IN Athens is freaking awesome!!! I still can't believe it all! 

Friday, March 9, 2012


This is just a little test post! :) Yay new blog!