Monday, October 15, 2012

My Fall Swap Goodies!

Nicole at Flip Flops & Combat Boots hosted the Fall Swap again this year! I jumped on it since Fall is my favorite season and I love swaps! I mailed off my package to my partner, Sam, last week and I got hers this weekend! Here's what I got!

Fall Sprinkles! I told her I loved baking.
Two sets of pens - always come in handy! 
Chocolates - yummy!!
Yankee Candle car hangings - a girl can never have too many smelly goods!
A cute note pad that says "A Latte To Do Today"
Two Coffee Samplers (cinnamon crumb cake and chocolate donut - drool!)
Cute coffee/tea magnets! I also told her I love coffee!! 

So many cute and yummy things! Thanks Sam and thanks Nicole, for hosting! 


  1. Chocolate donut coffee?! That sounds so yummy!!

    Thanks for playing along girlie!

  2. Hey, I started following your blog and I just think it's awesome that you're getting up and going on along with your life :)
    Have a blessed day,