Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Difference Happy Makes!

So finals have ended and I have moved to Athens! 2012 has proven to be WAY different than I EVER imagined it, but sometimes you have to realize that the plan you have for yourself doesn't exist. The plan that God has for you, does.

Where I'm getting with this, is that in say, November 2011, I thought I was a happy camper. Granted, I hadn't gotten into nursing school yet like I'd hoped, everything else was going well. Then my world flipped itself upside down in a matter of about a month. Many things were shaken - my self-esteem, life plan, finances, living arrangements (I'd never lived alone before), and much more. I believe that throughout it all, I've come out on top of the situation. I feel better about myself physically and mentally. Call it what you will, but I finally got in nursing school. Was something holding me back all along? Or did God know what was coming and who the person I was with really was, and protected me from having all that happen in the middle of nursing school?

It is amazing what letting go of such a negative thing in your life, can do for your life. It sounds cheesy and cliche, but letting the toxic people go makes a world of difference. Like I said, my self-esteem is back, I've met and reconnected with so many people I had let go of, because certain people didn't want me to talk to them. I've realized what I had been missing out on. I am so much more happy now, than I was then, and I had no idea I was even unhappy. When life throws you for a loop, don't think it's the end of the world! You never know when there could be something better in store. :) Looking through pictures, I think I even look happier now! This picture is from September....

And this is me a few weeks ago, going to my first Brave's game!

Do you see a difference? Or am I just being weird? I mean obviously my hair is curly in one and straight in the other, but I think there's a little more of a difference than that! You be the judge!


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  2. I can definitely see a difference! ❤