Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Pinterest Disaster

If you know me, you know I love baking. I love decorating cakes. I even do wedding cakes like this!

Photo courtesy of |simple elle| photography.

So surely cookies from Pinterest shouldn't be a problem, right? 


I spent Friday afternoon at Washington Farms picking some fresh strawberries I'd been craving! They're seriously the best strawberries in the world. I won't buy store-bought ones. 

So I was feeling bakey and decided to make something with them! After perusing Pinterest for a little while, I found Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

Sounds delightful, right? I thought I'd give it a go! 

I always feel so culinarily advanced when I chop fruit and vegetables. :|

The first thing that I thought was odd was that the batter was like...batter. Not cookie dough. But alas, I popped them in the oven, and out they came! ... Looking like bologna. :| 

I have no idea what went wrong. I followed the recipe exactly. And this is what came out.  They didn't taste awful, but weren't very sweet to be a cookie. And they were the WEIRDEST texture. If you know me, you also know that I have a texture issue with food. It was like rubber. So weird. I'm not sure if that was because of the cream cheese in the recipe, but it was weird.

So, I took this as a perfect opportunity to submit my disaster to Craft Fail! They have a Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong page and it's absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend checking it out if you have a funny bone in your body! Perhaps my lovely cookie attempt will be showcased!


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  1. LOL I just had a good laugh over this. I hate when this happens!!